DATE: 2014

POSITION: Lead Artist & Generalist Artist

TECHNOLOGY: Unreal 4, 3ds Max, Photoshop


I worked on pre-production for an unreleased game called Transverse.  In the early stages I was responsible for technology R&D, investigating, documenting, and teaching new software and art workflows such as Unreal 4's layered materials, material instancing, and Physically Based Lighting to the other artists, as well as setting up the art pipeline & folder structure.

Throughout the creation of the initial marketing video, I managed the outsourced environment artists, lit the worlds, and completed art polish on most assets.  I modeled the cockpit of the epee fighter, helped to implement advanced cinematic camera features in our most important shots, and generally assisted the art director and other artists.

Lighting & World Building Examples: 

I lit the on-planet takeoff sequence which featured these floating platforms, two suns, and multiple planets in the sky.  I also did some world building and supplemental modeling for this scene.

I lit the space station and all of the space scenes throughout the trailer.  I was also the art outsourcing manager, where I provided feedback, set up the pipeline, and oversaw the modeling and texturing of the station and its parts.  Additionally I created the initial skybox shader system.