Duke Nukem: Forever


DATE: 2010-2011

POSITION: Environment Artist & World Builder/Level Artist, +

PLATFORMS: PC (Steam), Xbox-360, PS3


I worked as an Environment Artist & World Builder for the Multiplayer component of Duke Nukem Forever as well as its Hail to the King DLC package.  Working with a modified Unreal 2 engine, myself and a half dozen level designers and environment artists created 6 multiplayer maps, and re-purposed an additional 4 existing designs, that were featured in the core game, as well as 4 homage maps for the DLC pack. 

I was personally responsible for populating the grey-block designed levels with art, world lighting, final level optimization, and modeling and modifying many additional environment art pieces.  In addition to my world & environment art tasks, I was also responsible for any Multiplayer related UI art (front end & hud), and was responsible for finding solutions to most major or critical content related issues & bugs.  Furthermore, I acted as the direct liaison between the content team and the engineering leads, directors, and the producers, on-top of being informally in-charge of task management for the content team throughout our portion of the development of DNF.

It was very fun to be a fundamental part of the team that finally shipped this infamous game.  In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed the breath of fresh air that accompanied the classic, Quake style, twitch multiplayer experience that we created.