New Sexified Desktop

Spent a few minutes this evening and sexified my desktop.  Lately I've been into brighter colourful desktop backgrounds -- probably because it has been a solid "winter grey" outside,  but now that it is sunny again I can return to my computer to a nice dark place that doesn't burn out my skull after midnight.  I might offset the background so that it tiles onto the two monitors nicely -- but it doesn't bug me too much yet.

This desktop was a combination of other peoples work and a few nifty free app's.  Here's the links for anyone interested:

Nice dark cityscape Background Wallpaper by Blatte.  I use Rainmeter for my config files like those neat hard drive shortcuts and the cpu meter from the Geosans Skin & the weather and clock are from Espiox.  Everyone needs to rock the Rocket Dock to show off a little bit of Mac Envy.  And because I am still old school with Windows XP, I darkened it up with a nice theme from deviantart called Razor2 Final.

Hunting down all those links sucked by the way.