NAME:  Kevin Meek

HOME:  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

OCCUPATION: Lead Environment Artist, BioWare

FORMER:  Senior Artist, Serious:Labs
Art Lead &  3D Generalist Artist, Piranha Games Inc. 
Environment Art Mentor, Think Tank Training Centre


I am currently employed as a Lead Environment Artist at BioWare in Edmonton. I most recently helped ship the online multiplayer action role-playing game, Anthem. I am currently leading a small interdisciplinary team of content creators on Anthem's Live-Service.  We are responsible for creating and maintaining critical path missions, the hub-world "Fort Tarsis" as well as the environments to support any first-person cinematic scenes.

  • Anthem (2019) - Xbox One, PS4, PC - Lead Environment Artist

Serious:Labs creates interactive training simulators and serious games.  As the Senior Artist, I was primarily responsible for the creation and implementation of 3D environment art and hard surface vehicle modeling & texturing.  Additionally I was responsible for the creation of in-engine cinematics for linear training courses, the review and management of cinematics and art created both in house & outsourced, and the mentoring of other artists.

At Piranha Games, I was employed as the Lead Artist with additional 3D environment art, technical art, and world building responsibilities. 

My main responsibilities included environment art creation, world lighting and world building, leading the content teams with task management and scheduling, providing risk assessment and mitigation, and working to implement and communicate the Art Director's vision.  I designed and maintained content pipelines and new systems, provided technical art review, researched new software and assessed workflow solutions.  I acted as a liaison between the content teams and the engineering leads, directors, producers, and owners. 

I found solutions to critical content related issues and bugs, implemented strategies for content optimization, and provided technical know-how to help push the in-game art quality and features.

  • MechWarrior Online (2013) - PC - Generalist 3D Artist, Art Lead, Level Artist

  • Borderlands 2 (2012) - PC, OS X, Xbox 360, PS3 - Outsource Texture Artist

  • Duke Nukem Forever (2011) - Xbox 360, PS3, PC - Level Artist, Technical Artist

  • Days of Thunder (2010) - Xbox 360, PS3, PC - UI Artist

  • Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt (2010) - Xbox 360, Wii, PC - Generalist Artist

  • Bass Pro Shops: The Strike (2009) - Xbox 360, Wii, PC - Generalist Artist

I was employed as a 3D modelling / environment art mentor at the Think Tank Training Center. I met with students to critique their work, teach new techniques, help solve any technical or artistic problems, and guide them through the completion of their final projects and demo reels.  I have taught students everything from basic UV unwrapping, modelling, and texturing techniques, to advanced lighting, particle effects creation, and cloth simulation.


I graduated from the University of Lethbridge with my Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree in New Media in 2008. 

The University of Lethbridge’s New Media program was designed for an entertainment industry that has shifted their hiring focus away from a workforce that is purely technical, to one that is additionally more artistically developed. As a result of that mind-set I am both educated with a formal art and design background, in addition to being highly skilled with programs such as Autodesk’s 3ds Max, Maya, Adobe’s entire creative suite, and many more industry utilized programs and game engines.

During my four years at the University of Lethbridge I excelled not only in my New Media courses but also through studies in General Liberal Education.  In New Media I expanded my foundation as a high level generalist through courses in traditional art, web design, cinematography and lighting, print design, 3D modeling and animation, 3D architectural rendering, composting and particle effects, as well as formal leadership and production management courses.  Additionally the liberal education program gave me a broad survey of disciplinary approaches in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences - which included completed courses in computer programming, sociology, and economics - in addition to continuing my studies in music and music theory.  

For a more expanded list of my completed courses please visit my LinkedIn page here, or from the icon at the bottom of this page.